Extruded polystyrene foam is an exceptional product in the sector of building thermal insulation: thanks to its low moisture absorption, closed cell structure, high degree of compressive strenght, dimensional stability, fire-proofing characteristics and 100% reciclability, XPS is the ideal insulation material for all insulating applications.
XPS ALESTYR and SILVERSTYR panels can be quickly and easily installed and they keep floors, walls and roofs warm and dry, protecting them from moisture due to capillarity or condensation.

What is XPS?
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Dlgs No. 192 and No. 311 defined the Italian climatic zones and the energy consumption categories.
According to these rules, the Italian territory is classified into "climatic zones", that are independent from their geographical location but related to their temperature. The classification is related to energy consumption containment of the heating plants, according to the period in the year and the maximum number of hours per day when heating plants can be switched on.
The degree-day is the unit used to assign a climatic zone to each municipality: it is the sum, extended to all days in a conventional annual heating period, of  differences between the mean daily external temperature and the interior temperature (conventionally fixed at 20°C).
These limits can be obtained only by means of a thermal insulation of the buildings. Ales engineers determined the best XPS thickness for each climatic zone.
The respect of Dlgs No. 192 and No. 311 assures great energy saving and helps keeping a high value of the property.
The two pictures beside have been taken with a thermal telecamera. They show the thermal dispersion in a non-insulated  house (A) and in a house insulated with ALESTYR and SILVERSTYR XPS panels (B).

The technical characteristics of ALESTYR and SILVERSTYR XPS panels are in compliance with UNI EN 13164 standards (Thermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made expanded foam polystyrene (XPS) products - Specification), therefore the panels meet the requirements of the European Directive 89/106/CE concerning building products.
ALESTYR and SILVERSTYR XPS panels are marked CE. The EC marking guarantees consumers that the product characteristics have been determined according to standard testing methods.
The nominal thickness of ALESTYR XPS insulating panels produced by Ales company may vary from a minimum of 20 mm to a maximum of 100 mm, according to UNI EN13164 characteristics.

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