Technical features
The TECHNICAL FEATURES table shows the main features of Ales extruded panel XPS.
The data below allow you to order the most suitable product according to your insulation requirements.

THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: λ = Sp / R = [m] / [m2 K / W] = [W / mK]
THERMAL RESISTANCE: R = Sp / λ = [m] / [W / mK] = [m2 K / W]
THERMAL TRANSMITTANCE: K = 1 / R = 1 / [m2 K / W] = [W / m2 K]
XPS THICKNESS: Sp = λ x R = [W / mK] x [m2 K / W] = [m]
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Compression creep is being certified according to UNI EN 1606 standard.
Alestyr technical features
Silverstyr technical features
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