XPS ALESTYR and SILVERSTYR are produced by mixing polystyrene pellets with various ingredients and a certain quantity of recovered materials to liquefy them.
The raw material and the materials recovered from production wastes are then stocked into different silos and mixed with other products (dye, talcum powder, retarder, etc).
The mixer sends the polystyrene to the mixing machine where a blowing gas is added into the mixture.
The material is then forced through a screw extruder where, thanks to the temperature and the shape of the extruder screw, it is mixed and forced through the extruder die.

Once milled, the panel is cut into the desired length and cooled in order to stabilize it dimensionally.
Once cooled the panel is laterally finished and, if necessary, laterally milled to meet the requirements of special joints during the the laying process. 
The boards are then piled up and packed into a thermoshrinking plastic film.
Since XPS is a renewable material, all production wastes and milling dusts are crumbled and pulverized.
The material is now sent to a screw extruder that, thanks to temperature and pression, melts and reduces it back to crystal beams.
In this way it can be put back into the manufacturing process for reuse.

The pressure drop expands the material till 25/30 times its original size. 
The freshly expanded material now goes through calibration plates where it is bond into a final structure of the required slab shape.
By means of roller conveyors, the panel reaches the mechanical working area where it is milled on each side.
Production process
Production department: via Donatori di Sangue 1/3, 26851 Borgo San Giovanni   Tel. +39 037197220   Fax +39 037197229

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