At the end of their manufacturing process, ALESTYR and SILVERSTYR XPS panels are stacked and wrapped in a thermoshrinkable UV ray resistant plastic film. The packs are then stacked in rows of 6. Some polystyrene strips are used to support them. They are finally packaged by means of a stretch film.
For the packaging of panels with special dimensions, please contact ALES.

It is advisable to store the panels indoor, avoiding extended and direct exposure to sunlight and humidity. This will cause deterioration and instability.  High volumes of products of different sizes are always in store to meet urgent delivery requirements.

NOTE: For the pallet dimensions indicated in the picture beside with A, B and C, see the table below.
How to read the table
The table beside can be useful to quickly and easily identify the exact quantity of the product to be ordered in square meters and cubic meters, respectively per pack and per pallet.
First of all, choose the length of the product (from 1000 to 3000 mm) and identify the respective code (from A1 to A7). Then choose the slab thickness (from 20 to 100 mm).
Consult the four table fields (square meters per pack, square meters per pallet, cubic meters per pack, cubic meters per pallet) and find the values according to the slab length and thickness chosen. If, for example, you want a product with a length of 2800 mm (ref.1) and a thickness of 60 mm (ref.2), consider the values where
column 60 (ref.2) crosses the four rows A5 (ref.3), as highlighted in the sample table below.
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